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产品特点/Product features

※ 采用恒流PWM固态双电源,系统稳定成熟  Adopt constant current PWM solid double power supply, the system is stable and mature 

※ 净化效率高--排放达标各类VOCs是现有市场中有效的净化设备  High purification efficiency - emission standards, all types of VOCs is the most effective purification equipment in the existing market

※ 结构合理稳定--采用不锈钢电离器和太空合金铝集尘单元件  The structure is reasonable and stable using stainless steel ionization device and space alloy aluminum dust collecting single element

※ 设计科学--运行成本低  Design Science - low operating costs

※   工艺先进--采用UV-C灯管 波段:185  Advanced technology - using UV-C tube band: 185, can be equipped with activated carbon filter, to achieve a combination of governance Technology

产品概述/Product overview


The equipment is a new type of air purifier, which mainly uses ultraviolet light to decompose O2 molecules so as to produce a certain amount of ozone O3. It can play an important role in purifying peculiar smell and disinfection. The filter screen is usually cleaned at regular intervals for 1-2 times, which can increase the use time. The device is designed to open the drawer structure on the replacement of the main lamp is more scientific and practical, and the multiplying effect of UV/O3 in air purification treatment can greatly increase the purification efficiency, industrial organic waste gas purification has good performance in actual combat. SUS brand purifier for the new force in the field of environmental protection, environmental protection enterprises and the relevant practitioners have been valued, and its application has emerged in the air purification industry. 

应用范围/Application range

>PVC人造革、PVC手套、塑胶等行业 PVC artificial leather, PVC gloves, plastics and other industries

>工业涂装、表面处理行业 Industrial coating industry

>电子行业 、实验室Electronic industry  Laboratory

>家具行业、医院 Furniture industry Hospital

>化工行业  Chemical industry

>机械行业  Machinery industry

>餐饮厨房  Catering kitchen

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